About Our Company


More than Professional Services on Scrap Trading

Virak Recycle is a Cambodian own and operated company providing professional services on scrap trading (Iron, Steel, stainless steel, Aluminium, Copper and Battery), Used Machineries Trading & Demolition of the building, Factory or Warehouses in Cambodia. We make sure our response to every client is punctual with a competitive offer.

Why Virak Recycle Established?

Scrap work can be a chore and we know everyone does not like it because it is not a clean and easy work. Since the waste is remarkably increased every day, month & year and most are reusable and recycle, we decided to start a team to collect those waste to reuse or recycle to help our environment and earth clean and sustainable.

  • Buy Scrap: Iron & Steel, Paper, Coper, Batteries, Used Machineries…etc.
  • Buy Warehouse & Factory.
  • Demolition of the building.

Our Mission

To be a leading Metal Scrap Company in Cambodia connecting with oversea market, creating more opportunities and better offer locally.

Our Vision

To be an Environmental Friendly Company by delivering an impact through
our business activities.

Our Value

-Environmental Friendly
-Mutual Benefit
-Keep Learning

Our Teams